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Medication Management Policy

follow the APAC guiding principles to improve health outcomes through the implementation of medication management processes that ensure:Timely, cost effective access to medicinesQuality, safety and efficacy standards, and Quality use of medicines.
pdf icon Medication Management Policy  (PDF File 272k)
Mental Health - Building A Strong Foundation: A Framework For Promoting Mental Health And Wellbeing In The Act 2009-2014

The purpose of this framework is to guide investment in the development and implementation of activities to promote mental heath and wellbeing in the ACT over the next five years.
pdf icon Building A Strong Foundation - Strategic Framework (PDF File 686k)
pdf icon Building A Strong Foundation - Fact Sheet (PDF File 108k)
Mental Health - Fourth National Mental Health Plan 2009-14

The plan identifies key actions to be led by health ministers, but takes a whole of government approach through involving sectors other than just health. The plan will provide a basis for governments to advance mental health activities within the various portfolio areas in a more integrated way, recognising that many sections can contribute to better outcomes for people living with mental illness.
pdf icon Fourth National Mental Health Plan 2009-14 (PDF File 899k)
Mental Health Services National Standards

The National Standards for Mental Health Service are intended to inform consumers and carers about what to expect from mental health services, and embodies the principles contained in the Mental Health Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. There are 11 Standards that address universal issues, organisational structure and delivery of care.
pdf icon Mental Health Services National Standards (PDF File 195k)
Mental Health Services Plan 2009 - 2014

The Mental Health Services Plan articulates a clear vision for an integrated mental health sector in the ACT and for establishing a coordinated approach to achieving and maintaining mental health. The Plan outlines the initial steps for achieving a vision for the delivery of mental health services in 2020.
pdf icon Mental Health Services Plan 2009 -2014 (PDF File 1078k)
Modified Early Warning Scores Policy

All staff are to apply the Modified Early Warning Scores (MEWS) system when taking patient observations. The purpose of this policy is to improve patient outcomes by detecting and acting upon early signs of deterioration in patients. This will be achieved in part through the implementation of the Modified Early Warning Scores (MEWS) system that identifies trends in patient observations; ensures that timely patient review and appropriate treatment occurs; and improves the documentation of patient observations.
pdf icon Modified Early Warning Scores Policy (PDF File 77k)
Multicultural Co-Ordinating Framework - Towards Culturally Appropriate And Inclusive Services 2014-2018

This document expresses the commitment of ACT Health to providing services and information to people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. It is the expectation that all Divisions/Branches/Work Units will work with and be supported by the Multicultural Health Policy Unit to: improve CALD data collection; deliver culturally safe and appropriate services and information; engage CALD consumers in providing feedback and participating in service planning and review; and develop the cultural competence of all staff. The document outlines a number of key focus areas for action across the organisation, including actions linked to compliance with the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. Progress in implementing the Co-ordinating Framework will be monitored and reported on.
pdf icon Multicultural Framework (PDF File 6297k)
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - Care Of Patients

To minimise discomfort, promote wellbeing and provide a safe environment for patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). The Health Directorate recognises the significant distress and impairment that is caused by MCS and is committed to providing an environment that reduces exposure to incitants (common triggers that produce clinical symptoms) and improving the health outcomes of people who require hospital based or non hospital based treatment.
pdf icon Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - Care Of Patients  (PDF File 268k)
Nurse Practitioner Positions - Establishment And Implementation Of

This SOP pertains to all Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and other relevant stakeholders who are involved in the establishment, implementation and evaluation of NP positions.
pdf icon Nurse Practitioner Positions - Establishment And Implementation Of (PDF File 391k)
Nursing And Midwifery Continuing Competence Policy

This policy brings together a number of local policies and guidelines to support this requirement. It has been compiled with input from various agencies within the ACT including the Australian Nursing Federation (ACT Branch), ACT Nursing and Midwifery Board, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council, Canberra Hospital, Calvary Health Care (Public) and consumer groups. Implementation of an ACT Health policy framework for nursing and midwifery competence would reduce duplication within each division, therefore leading to clearer governance and direction for all clinicians and administrators in relation to professional competency requirements.
pdf icon Nursing And Midwifery Continuing Competence Policy (PDF File 179k)
pdf icon Nursing And Midwifery Continuing Competence Policy - Sop (PDF File 178k)
Nursing And Midwifery Re-Entry Program Policy

The ACT Government Health Directorate (the Health Directorate) provides nursing and midwifery re-entry programs for Registered Nurses and Midwives of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and region to return to nursing or midwifery practice after an absence from practice of up to ten years. These programs are accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and are designed to facilitate the return to work of suitably qualified nurses and midwives into the workforce of the Health Directorate.
pdf icon Nursing And Midwifery Re-Entry Program Policy (PDF File 149k)
Open Disclosure

This policy aims to provide direction for the development of organisational systems and processes to support staff, patients and families. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) support staff in implementing the policy
doc icon Open Discloure Policy (Word Doc 73k)