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Coronial Business In Act Health Management - Framework

The Framework for the Management of Coronial Business in ACT Health outlines a systematic approach to managing the provision of information to the Coroners Office and a process for monitoring the implementation of Coronial Findings and Recommendations. The Framework clearly outlines roles and responsiblities for key stakeholders, and divides the management of Coronial Business into five stages, illustrating how each stage works.
pdf icon Framework For The Management Of Coronial Business In Act Health (PDF File 558k)
Corporate Governance Statement

Corporate governance is the way an organisation manages its business, makes its decisions and relates to its stakeholders. It includes the organisation's structures, culture, policies and processes. In the Health Directorate, corporate governance arrangements underpin and are integrated with clinical goveranance and professional governance proceses to ensure that the organisation does what it should.
pdf icon Dgd12-002 - Corporate Governance Statement (PDF File 3303k)
Corporate Plan 2012-2017 - Act Health

The ACT Government Health Directorate Corporate Plan (2012-2017) provides direction to the Health Directorate's Business Units to achieve the overarching organisational vision and corporate values. The Plan builds on existing and new plans being developed to provide an organisational framework to prioritise our efforts over the next five years. We aim to deliver better service to our Government to meet the needs of the community and to our community on behalf of our Government.
pdf icon Corporate Plan 2012-2017 (PDF File 142k)
Data Quality Policy

To further improve the quality of data used for clinical and business decisions the exisitng Data Quality Policy has been reviewed and a new Data Quality Framework has been developed.The Data Quality Policy and Framework provides an objective approach to assessing and improving the quality of data created and managed by ACT Health. The framework encompasses four main components: •The Data Integrity Strategy •Data Quality Policy •The Data Quality Improvement Cycle •Data Quality Assessment tool The framework can be applied to all data collections within ACT Health including databases, systems, registries and reports. The framework applies to all staff members that create, modify, use and interpret data including executive, management, data management, clinical and administration staff.
pdf icon Data Quality Policy (PDF File 156k)
pdf icon Data Quality Framework (PDF File 1181k)
Data Release Policy

The Data Release Policy provides a framework for ACT Health staff to ensure that all data released is done so with regard to all relevant Government legislation, ACT Health policies and standards, and ensures that the privacy and confidentiality of the individual(s)/organisations(s) is retained.
pdf icon Data Release Policy (PDF File 240k)
Digital Health Enterprise Technology Strategy And Implementation Plan

The Digital Health Enterprise (DHE) technology strategy and implementation plan outlines how technology will support and enable ACT Health’s transformation programme (Your health – our priority). The transformation programme is developing new service delivery methods and models so that ACT Health can continue providing quality health services in an environment of rapidly rising demand. The transformation programme encompasses new models of care, new and refurbished facilities, workforce planning and enhanced technology capabilities.
pdf icon Digital Health Enterprise Technology Strategy And Implementation Plan And Appendices (PDF File 13508k)
Discharge Planning Policy

This policy document provides ACT Health services with a framework for shaping discharge planning practices. It is based on current best practice and articulates the need for streamlined, consistent and recognisable processes, documentation and consumer information across the health portfolio.
pdf icon Discharge Planning Policy (PDF File 63k)
Drug Policies And Services Framework For The Amc 2013-2015

The purpose of the Framework is to give coherence and transparency to the delivery of drug policies and services in the Alexander Maconochie Centre. The Framework outlines how performance against the Framework will be measured along with the governance arrangements which will ensure the operationalisation of the framework.
pdf icon Drug Policies And Services Framework For The Amc 2013-2015  (PDF File 324k)
Early Childhood National Agenda

This consultation paper proposes a framework for a National Agenda for Early Childhood. It acknowledges that if we truly want to make a difference over the long term, we must have a sustainable approach to improving the health and wellbeing of Australian children, a concerted effort across government, and within the service system based on sound evidence.
pdf icon Early Childhood National Agenda (PDF File 951k)
Elder Mistreatment – - A Resource Guide For Home And Community Care Service Providers

A resource guide to provide practical guidance to Home & Community Care (HACC) service providers who encounter situations involving the mistreatment or abuse of older people living in the ACT.
pdf icon Elder Mistreatment - A Resource Guide For Home And Community Care Service Providers (PDF File 974k)
Electrical Safety Policy

This Policy provides guidance to all staff in ACT Health workplace sites, other related entities performing construction work onsite and any other visitors to workplaces, about compliance responsibilities with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements to reduce the risk of electric shock occurring to staff and patients.This includes: •Business units’ compliance with the Safety Management System (SMS) and related Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) regarding electrical safety; Making sure all electrical equipment is safe, in good working use and has a current tag attached; •Provision of SOP’s regarding use and activities likely to involve the use of electricity and any disruption to services as a result of programmed works; •Provision of arrangements for the safety of all people and property likely to be affected while electrical work is carried out.
pdf icon Electrical Safety Policy (PDF File 170k)
Employee Assistance Program Policy

ACT Health, through Enterprise Agreements (EA), supports employees and their immediate family by providing access to an independent, confidential and professional counselling service at no cost to the employee.
pdf icon Employee Assistance Program Policy  (PDF File 148k)