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Providing A Legal Statement Policy

Policy, SOP and Factsheet outlining the process when staff are requested to provide a statement in their capaity as an employee of ACT Health by the Coroner or ACT Government Solicitor.
pdf icon Request For Legal Statement Policy (PDF File 84k)
Providing Clinical Health Services In An Off Campus Environment Policy

Provides a policy and procedural framework that ACT Health employees in all clinical areas can adapt to their everyday work to maximise their safety when providing clinical health services in an off campus environment.
pdf icon Providing Clinical Health Services In An Off Campus Environment Policy (PDF File 180k)
pdf icon Providing Clinical Health Services In An Off Campus Environment Policy - Sop (PDF File 208k)
pdf icon Providing Clinical Health Services In An Off Campus Environment - Home Visit Pre-Assessment Form (PDF File 26k)
Public Health Services To Medicare Ineligible Asylum Seekers

The policy provides for the non-charging of Medicare ineligible asylum seekers for described public hospital services, and for the same access as Health Care Card holders to public dental and community health services.
pdf icon Public Health Services To Medicare Ineligible Asylum Seekers (PDF File 60k)
Public Interest Disclosure Policy

ACT Health's Public Interest Disclosure Policy and Procedures are in place to ensure accountability, ethics, trust and integrity are respected across the service. They provide a mechanism that gives full rise to the Department's obligations under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1994 (the Act) and facilitate the making of, investigation into, and acting upon, disclosures, as well as the protection of those making them.
doc icon Public Interest Disclosure Policy (Word Doc 91k)
Raising The Standard: A Manual To Guide Quality Improvement In Act Community Service Organisations

This manual is the result of collaborative partnership between the ACT Government and the ACT Community sector to develop a set of generic standards for use in quality improvement of community service organisations in the ACT. The complete package consists of the standards, self-assessment and quality planning guide, tools to support the process, and workbooks.
pdf icon Raising The Standard: A Manual To Guide Quality Improvement In Act Community Service Organisations (PDF File 58k)
Reconciliation Action Plan 2012-2015

The Health Directorate’s vision for Reconciliation is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in the ACT and surrounding region to enjoy a quality of life, life expectancy and health status equal to all Canberrans.
pdf icon Reconciliation Action Plan 2012-2015 (PDF File 840k)
Recruitment Advertising Policy

ACT Health is committed to the merit selection process and the widest coverage for advertising of vacancies. In order to maximise the return for investment in advertising vacant positions, ACT Health has determined to introduce arrangements to control and standardise the advertising of vacancies outside of the Gazette and website, and to promote ACT Health’s corporate image as a single entity organisation through the use of standardised templates.
pdf icon Recruitment Advertising Policy (PDF File 92k)
Reducing Falls And Falls Injury In Older Adults Across The Act

This policy document provides ACT Health with a framework for reducing falls and falls injury rates in older adults (i.e. aged 65 years or over, or 55 years or over for ATSI people). It relates to services provided in Acute Care, Residential Aged Care and the Community. Operational procedures and outcomes are included for the development and implementation of division based procedures, capacity building/training, evaluation and resource allocation.
doc icon Reducing Falls And Falls Injury In Older Adults Across The Act (Word Doc 79k)
Renal Health Services Plan 2010-2015

The purpose of this plan is to provide a strategic direction for renal services development to meet increasing demand for the period 2010 to 2015 with a longer term ten year vision. This demand is arising from the increasing number of people who are at risk of developing chronic kidney disease.
pdf icon Renal Health Services Plan 2010-15 (PDF File 732k)
Request For Legal Advice - Standard Operating Procedure (sop)

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the procedures to be followed when seeking legal assistance from the ACT Government Solicitor (ACTGS) or from external sources within the private sector with the exception of matters pertaining to ACT Insurance Authority business. It also aims to streamline the management of legal services provided to ACT Health through a centralised and consistent approach to the management of requests for legal advice coordinated through the Insurance and Legal Liaison Unit (ILLU).
pdf icon Request For Legal Advice - Sop (PDF File 172k)
doc icon Request For Legal Advice - Form (Word Doc 111k)
Research Practice Policy

This document provides a governance structure for research conducted within ACT Health. It covers research definitions, researcher and participant responsibilities, intellectual property and the management of research misconduct.
pdf icon Research Practice Policy (PDF File 349k)
Restraint Of Patients

This policy and SOPs provide clear information to staff on the Health Directorate's commitment to, at all times, seeking to prevent the need for restraint of patients and the use of restraint only as a last resort.
pdf icon Restraint Of Patients Policy (PDF File 117k)
Restraint Of Patients Sop (Microsoft Word XML Document 728k)
Code Black And Physical Restraint Of Patients Process At The Canberra Hospital (Microsoft Word XML Document 681k)