Consumer involvement

Get involved in shaping tomorrow's healthcare system.

As a healthcare consumer, there are a number of ways you can voice issues that concern you.

With advance approval, you may be able to have the expenses you incur reimbursed, so please see the reimbursement information below.

ACT Health is looking for Flu Trackers

As well as taking the usual precautions to protect against influenza, such as immunisation, and practicing good infection control, ACT Health is looking for people to become Flu Trackers.

Flu Tracking is an easy way that you can help protect the community from influenza. Flu Tracking is a national online health surveillance system which monitors seasonal flu activity. The more people Flu Tracking in the ACT, the better the data and information we have to detect and track influenza activity and plan accordingly. We currently have around 400 Trackers in the ACT, but are hoping to double this number in the next year.

In only 10 - 15 seconds per week you can help by responding to an email about the symptoms you or your household members have had in the previous week. This will help us find ways to detect when the influenza season begins so we can better protect the community from epidemics, describe the influenza season and inform disease prevention activities.

Participation is voluntary and your information will be kept confidential. To find out more about Flu Tracking or to sign up, go to

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

ACT Health has an ongoing commitment to supporting consumer participation in health care. By implementing the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights across all ACT Health Services, we are not only supporting the rights of health care consumers but also recognising the vital role that consumers play in the provision of their own care.

ACT Health Council

In late 2002, the ACT Health Minister appointed the ACT Health Council as the peak community reference group charged with planning and evaluation of health services in the ACT. The Health Council has performed this important function while engaging consumers, the community and clinicians at the highest level of decision-making within ACT Health.

Health Care Consumers Association of the ACT (HCCA)

The Health Care Consumers' Association of the ACT (HCCA) is a body through which health care consumers can participate in policy, planning and service decisions that affect their health. HCCA works to improve the quality and availability of health services, supports consumers to identify shared priorities about health, and represents these views to the ACT Government.

PaTCH Consumer Network

The PatCH Consumer Network is a group solely dedicated to supporting and improving the paediatric services delivered at Canberra Hospital and throughout the ACT and surrounding regions.

Consumer representatives expenses reimbursement

To have their expenses reimbursed, consumers, carers or representatives of community organisations are requested to supply their committee secretariat with a completed Consumer Representatives Reimbursement Approval Form in advance of their request.

The secretariat will arrange payment through ACT Health Accounts Payable. Consumer and Carer Representatives are asked to contact their committee secretariat if they do not receive payment within 30 days of submitting their invoice.

For further information, you can contact the ACT Health Consumer Engagement Team by emailing: or phoning (02) 6205 5029 during business hours.