Epidemiology Section

The Epidemiology Section provides timely and accurate information on the health of the ACT population, that assists in the development and evaluation of policies and interventions to improve health.

The Epidemiology Section also undertakes projects to examine emerging issues; provides advice and assistance relating to research and evaluation; and conducts research related to key public health issues.

Research related to key public health issues

Our research centres upon these key public health issues:

  • physical activity,
  • injury prevention in older people and cardiovascular disease, and
  • epidemiological analysis of population health data for the Population Health Division of ACT Health.

Our work program

The Epidemiology Section work program includes:

  • The biennial Chief Health Officer's (CHO) Report (a statutory requirement);
  • The production of regular reports on cancer, maternal and perinatal health, health status and health related behaviour in the ACT;
  • The conduct and commissioning of surveys on the health of specific population groups, for example children, young people and older people;
  • The management and analysis of a range of population health data sets;
  • The provision of advice and analytical services to organisations involved in public health promotion and program work both internal and external to the health portfolio.

Population Health survey data sets

The Epidemiology Section holds a wide range of population health survey data sets to support its analytical work, including:

  • ACT Deaths data
  • National Drug Strategy Household Survey data
  • ACT Component of the Australian Secondary Student Alcohol and Drug Survey
  • Childrens Health Survey data
  • Older Persons Health Survey data
  • 1995 and 2001 National Health Survey data
  • ACT Cancer Registry data
  • Maternal Perinatal Collection data
  • National Health Survey data
  • Childrens Health Survey data
  • Older Persons Health Survey data
  • Physical Activity Survey data

Contact us

123 Carruthers Street
Curtin ACT 2605

GPO Box 825,
Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6205 2610
Fax: (02) 6244 4138
Email: healthinfo@act.gov.au